… hick! Yeah; it’s a funny thing this alcohol stuff; but something many of us crave. Do we crave it or the effect it has – I suspect the latter! No sane human being would go out and drink alcohol for the taste – or maybe we would? I am happy to admit that as a hard-working lad that I am; that there is an immense amount of satisfaction that comes from going to the pub with some pals and enjoying a pint!

However, more an more often many get too pished and start to forget the event you went along to enjoy; but we continue. Does that amount to a drink problem? It would actually be weird to go to a bar, and not have a drink, regardless of it being alcoholic or not – you would feel like there was something missing; wouldn’t you? Some can do it though.

Personally, I like the careless (but not inconsiderate… when I remember my name!) feeling of I get after a few pints; it’s almost relaxing; and I can enjoy my time with friends.

My time away from Glasgow has weakened my tolerance; and I arrive on Planet “Ming Mong” all the quicker these days; meaning I guess that I am going to have to drink less; something I guess I should do while its MY idea.

I find it hilarious that if I have more than 4 pints a week; I am a regualr drinker; and if I go out at the weekend to get pished; I am a binge drinker – shit – I am a regular binge drinker! Bollox.

Could we swap a pint for a latte?