Great Smartphone App: ExpenseCloud

Most of the guys on the v6 team work mobile and always have done and likely always will. We work in various places in the world on small, medium, large and MASSIVE projects and are kitted out to perform even when mobile.

Naturally being mobile means you gather a lot of, and have to process a lot of receipts; mileage claims and file for claims, reporting and audit trails.

Enter ExpenseCloud; an app for your browser, your iPhone, you Blackberry; or more recently your Android phone. And what an app it is. Dead easy to use and quick too; ad exactly what any mobile professional needs; after all expense claiming is not a billable activity!!

Any items added on any device pop up online and can be grouped together for reporting; If your credit card is supported; it can download and semi-process for you – assuming you are happy to share you credentials. Regardless, you want to have this in your top 5 Apps for your smartphone.

Save you time, save you stress and can be populated on the go, leading to more accurate claims. The photos of the receipt is great; adding credibility to claims and are included on the online report.

They have various tariffs from free up to enterprise; and so can scale as need grows.

Great app; Get some.