Go …. Educate yourself!

I don’t think for a minute that I have the solution to a lot of the worlds problems; but I have few good ideas! Like many – I am sure – I come across instances where I can’t help but think that for the sake of a little education; a disaster could have been prevented, or a hooha stopped in its tracks; alas this seems to be beyond some who deem it someone elses responsibility to inform them of what they need to know. Horseshit!

Yes, there is the real risk of information overload thes days but I, again like many (who read a news paper for instance!) have developed the skills that permit you to dismiss the non-important, or even just less relevant infomarion; reading only the news of interest!

My point: If you are unsure of a term, technology, policy, law, colour, farm animal or the mating habits of a Antilopine Kangaroo; then educate yourself. In this day and age, no one has any excuse for not being able to research something; and research it well!

Granted, if you live up a tree or in the remotest parts of this planet; then sure, you may need to dialup; but you still have the means.

This includes those that I talk to eveyday that state they “didn’t know”, or “weren’t advised”, but claim to be proactibve people!

I have news for you!