Get your shit sorted!

I have long since been a believer that because there can be so going on in our lives, that everyone needs to have their shit together. Now I am not talking about having your pants & socks ironed, but more the formalities in life! The information that comes our way whether solicited or not is massive; much of which can be shredded, binned, burned or disregarded. However, there are some bits of info that you need to keep.

Being a technologist, I have the benefit of knowing how to make best use of technology to ensure that the bottom of ones wardrobe is not knee deep in bank statements from 1976, and to make sure you can put your hands on info if you need to when away from said wardrobe.

Not to mention that security these days remains a big issue for everyone, and that half of what goes on in the background in your name is unknown to us. Trust me, do some digging if you need and eye opener.

Suffice to say that much of the time wasted in filing is time that is really domestic work, and I know I do enough work work, so get your shit together and spend less time working at home!