Gathering pace: Wheels eStore

… having ditched my london car and looking to make more use of my bike; I have been developing an eStore for my freelance customer Wheels of Callander. Based in Callander (funnily enough!), they have a bizzilion bikes for hire and purchase as well as a 30 bed hostel should you wanna stay the night.

When you get there – whack FK17 8HS into your Sat Nav, tell them Kenny sent you and ask for Mark or Janet! An hour outside Glasgow and you would think you had landed on the moon – it’s brilliant, chilled out and just thevery fellow to kick back and enjoy what Scotland does best – and no that’s not foootball – it’s scenery.

If you cannot stayed detached from the connected world for longer than a fart, then they have WiFi available; Can you tell I stayed there, lol?