Friday, Saturday, Sunday!

…. tis 2015 on a cracking sunday evening here in London, and having been sitting here for an hour or so reading, I thought I would turn my attention to a little journal entry.

Since I have moved to London, I have been waiting on this summer that friends have raved about, and it has arrived. It’s about 28degree’s and I am loving it. The social side of London, or rather Richmond is just aewsome. People are out en mass allthe time and I cannot get enough if it. Long may it continue, and it’s not all boozing either, just people hanging out in the sun. Last time I saw so many people hanging out, I was on Bondi Beach; eh Rick?

The weekend has been a bit of blur, but all in good planning. I have giving up one of my cars (… because I need 2 cars …?) and so had to drive that back to Glasgow, and fly back in time for a night out last night in Clapham. I am now going to reply on cycling, flying and walking in London! Not wuite sure if it will work, but I am game.

Friday, after work, we said our goodbyes to a GSK team member at the Orange Tree in Richmond, and at the a few bars on the river. Sat, I headed for Glasgow, setting a new record of 5 Hrs to Glasgow non-stop, flying back! Sunday, such a chilled day, cycled into Richmond and sat on my far arse for ages; just me and my ipod, and then headed back to sit on my balcony.

Why am I pouring this out … well because as much as I have managed to have a fairly eventful weekend, I have experienced what I knew London does to people; which is if you don’t have friends close by, you either have to spend your day on Swedish-suuna style public transport, or hope they come and see you.

London can be a very lonely place; not that I am, but you can see why that’s the case. I have my master plan & travel to keep me entertained; not to mention a Richmond full of lovelies 😉