Friday Fun

Amongst all the corporate shite, it does the soul good to take some time out and exercise the bit in the corporate “Internet Usage Policy” that says “a degree of personal use is excepted” and take 10 mins out to enjoy the delights of the internet.

Today’s featured site is, a site of both great design and majestic humour! Demo’d by my boss, we had a good 10 mins hilarity on this site.

Kick back, feet up, and enjoy, wherever you might be in this small wired world.

Have a good friday, and run head long into the weekend and feel that vibe!

But a few mentions today:
Ricky: Cheers for the excellent laughs last night – superb world calming and boozing – mild hangover today
Jill: Good luck – you shall be dandy!
Tracie and co: (wooohoooo)
Rod – eh, update please!