Few Observations …

… I have been in London now for about 30 hours, including one working day; thus allowing me to share the roads en route into work with every other A30 user heading for Heathrow. Have to admit, it’s not quite as bad as I thought to be honest! Granted I am heading away from the city! We’ll see how long it is before I am forced to get out of my car and inform someone they are being a twat!

Cupla observations:
It is quite hilarious just how many frequencies BBC Radio 3 broadcasts on. On the road down, all 406 miles of it, there are time when they only radio station you can pick up is Radio 3 and not just the once, fecking 5 times as your scroll through the frequencies looking for some sustenance!

The geek that owns the flat I live in London has cabled the place for voice and data, I have a mini comms room in my hall cupboard, complete with patch panel, voice, data and TV termination points; hilarious, but sweet! I have now have multi room- p0rn 😉