Festive Frolics

Getting straight to the point – every year we all F^&* about until mid dec when we then moan that it’s all too expensive, and everything’s full, at which point I then decide to have everyone round to mine, and then everyone that comes drives … so if there’s going to be a party, or a gathering, lets get the finger out NOW!I have had some really shit times this year, and I would actually like to spend some time in the pissed hilarious company of those I give a flying F^&* about, don’t care where …. come on, we all earn good money now, we really have no excuse for not planning one helluva party!

Again, seriously, xmas and New year is the one time we actually all get together …
Seriously, give me something to stay in Glasgow for this festive season, otherwise I have plans!
Christ – I sound like Bishop!
Right – let the ideas roll in!