European Update as at now!

Dear all, I have taken  – oh 3 mins – out from the void that is my working life right now to blog a little and mention, as I do, a few things that I have tripped on in the last few weeks.

Firstly, I warming welcome an obvious summer time! I am a Scotsman and so summer, winter, snow and rain are seem to blend into each other and rarely are ones wellies packed away from a season. It’s shorts and flip flops all the way baby – and a note to the Czech male: socks and sandals / flip-flops is plain wrong – have a word.

It makes for a happier life when you can get out and about and enjoy and little outside time, I have even returned to reading, which with ones ipod and a beer is just brilliant.

Work is really quite challenging, and sensitive, alas due to an enforceable NDA; I am not permitted to discuss, but man – I have not been this stressed in a good few years. There is a cracking core team; and we will kick this program out; however bumpy along the way. Frankly, if it all went swimmingly, I would have flown home 3 weeks ago.

I will be have some “artwork” done this weekend, details of which shall remain under wraps for now, but I am looking forward and think it will be a talking point for a few weeks.

I am missing home, my car, my flat, but it will all be there when I get back in a wee while. As ever, all friends welcome!! Mum is out end of June, and I am 21 again June 20; Prague’s Hilton Sky Bar best have their lifts locked down that night – when I get the video – all will become clear.

Until my next 3 mins …
(Why is iTiunes playing “Frosty the Snowman”?)