eMail: Festive Friday Banter

Hello, happy friday and how are we all today?
It has come to that point on a Friday, when there will be no more work, as the Friday feeling has kicked in, and it’s time to chill for a bit! So, to you my friends, I send you a few items to bring a smile that I am sure the “email polis” (of which I am one in DHL) will not find too offensive, and permit to reach you!

Personally, I have been marvelling at just how hard it was to hug my brother in a meaningful manner last night as the family and I went to Venture Photography in the Merchant city to have our collective “nutter”” style photos taken! That said, some fantastic photos were taken, and I look forward to seeing the final foties! Boys – I did try to get gran involved in the Space Hopper fighting, but she was just not wearing it! Monday night will be hilarious!

Now, I have a give a special mention to a pal, who shall, for now remain nameless – emphasis on the “for now”. On buttering my toast this AM, I just about managed to get collect myself from the floor as I read the admission of this pal, that she (or he!) has had to be rescued from the delights of a Scotrail Train Wash, having fallen asleep post Festive Night oot. She had gone unfound for some 3 hours, and was only found by the driver as he parked up the train for the eve – in the train wash! I can only imagine the confusion caused post champers to find yourself in just such a position!

Weekend plans extend about as far as Shawlands for me as I escape a weekend’s boozing in favour of letting one’s self go next weekend, at the what has become an annual event, a party that has grown to engulf the very twee Egg in Eaglesham, sponsored by our very own John “I might move in” Shaw! It of course the Annual Xmas Lunch, and lunch is but the start! Looking forward to seeing all who are going – really looking forward to it! Also,

I am also going to buy an xmas tree, bin all my odd socks, and trust me there are a few – 2004 seems to have been really bad for socks being bought as 2, but then appearing as 1, neither my Xmas Tree or my socks will be at the Xmas Lunch!

I will leave you this Friday with a little smile – I hope – and hope you’re weekend is just dandy, and that where ever you are, that Santa is as far as you know, going to be good to you! Personally, I thank god for the internet, as I just couldn’t cope with having to xmas shop – THAT IS NOT TO SAY THAT EVERYONE IS GETTING VOUCHERS! I am particularly impressed with my choice in pressies this year – those on the receiving end shall see! Boys – I recommend this link, in fact girls I recommend it to you too! If you click, just be prepared to have a good excuse – in fact – here’s mine – “I’m xmas shopping!!!!!”

Kenny / Phippsy

PS attached photos are great, and I am going with the foil option in my office as we speak!