Dentist Chat / Working, but not! / The Drive

Written in: Glasgow: UK
At: Beanscene, Clarkston
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Yeah, have returned to Glasgow for the weekend to enjoy some time with pals. Having decided that a long weekend is “the very fellow”; I drove up last night. A new record for me; but I am not going to highlight my time just in case the plods have worked out what a “PC” is! Excellent drive, chanting as I usually do entering Scotland, in fact I think I managed (being bored and all!) to catch a little video of that very moment on me phone!

First things first, a visit to the dentist. Nice guy that he is, he does spark his chat when he has his fist in your mouth, that along with his assistants does not make replayig easy! I have suggested that paper and pen might make replying to his “abuse” (apparently I need to lay off the beer) easier. I might be 30 next month, but about 1040 this AM, I felt about 7!

I might have secured a day off, but I always do need to check in and make sure all is OK, this technology stuff is renounded for not keeping to doing “what it says on the tin”. All being well, I’ve enjoyed a tea, chatted to a few contacts on MSN, and put a few of these thoughts down in idle banter.

So, whereever you might be on the planet, tis friday, kick back for 5, and enjoy the world you have created, for it is your wee world and letting other’s in requires 3 years notice, a medical and on arrival, a US-style passport immigration control check.

How do I know? Well – lets just say that trying to organise a simple beer on any night of 4 with your pals just isn’t possible without the above.