Contractor? Act like 1!

Let the rant begin: Are you a contractor in the tech world? Have you been there for a week? Have you been there for 14 years? Are you in assignment or are you looking for an assignment?

If any of the above are true; then I beg of you: ACT LIKE A CONTRACTOR!

Your agency is your business partner, your client is the customer and you represent the Professional Services of your own company, business or indeed that of the agency you are placed through, as governed by the contract you have signed. It is your responsibility to kit yourself out with all the tools you need; it is your responsibility to make sure you have the knowledge you need and NO – you’re not entitled to anything other than the benefits extended to you by your company, business (for those sole traders!) or agency.

If you turn up in your jeans, sandals and produce heehaw, expected to get punted. If you take a 2 hour lunch break, expected to get punted and overall if you do a piss-poor job, expected to be – yes you’ve guessed it – punted.

In fact if you’re not going to conduct yourself in a true professional contractor manner, sod off out of the market and stop tarnishing the reputation of those who have set out to deliver, impress and be invited back.

I shall refrain from giving away any specific details, but frankly, the world owes each and everyone of us nothing, it was here first. Get up off your arse and make shit happen. If you find yourself needing help, ask for it. Expect it, and expect to be shown the door.

Ahhhhhh – that feel’s better. ONWARDS!

.. get some!