Change Required (Working Article)

2009 marks my 13th year as a Consulting Contractor! I have seen 16 assignments; 12 enterprises, 36 projects, many countries and 000’s of billable hours. Recently, I have found myself keen to promote more efficient ways of working, a massively improved return on investment and to reduce to frustration and stress felt by those on the ground.

Enter “Change Required”

An article – for discussion and comment  – looking at the way in which companies run their programs and projects and suggesting ways in which change must be introduced to reduce burn rate, reduce “human” cost; and increase ROI through improved progress.


Fundamentally, large programs generate a massive amount of data that has a limited life. The information gathered age immediately and therefore putting that intelligence to work right away is essential. Alternatively, a non labour-intensive way of maintaining this data is required.

Moreover, given the distributed nature of large programs there is going to be an obvious need to share this information in real-time.

Depending on the scope of the work in hand there can be a heavy reliance on up-to-date accurate information to direct business change; thus the option to permit access to and collaborate on the data gathered.

Where am I am going with this? The binning of Powerpoint as a reporting tool; the end of gigabytes of aged data being kicked round email servers and inboxes; and the return to efficient and cost effective working bringing project execution to fore.

There are simply better ways to bring about change; and here’s how to do it …