… ch ch changes!

I have thought many times on my travels recently that I needed to update my journal; you know rant about a few things; having to travel all the time; the amount of work I have to do; but today; a few things happened; that made all that simply irrelevant

(Adopt the voice of the guy that summaries the theme of the just watched “The Wonder Years” episode) Today I learned that change is indeed inevitable; that friends do actually move on; that it can literally take years for what you think is a simple message to hit home and that each and every day each one of us should take some time out the work out today’s life priorities.

Change happens all the time; minutely; hourly; daily etc. But for years you get used to constant variables. Friends. Then one day that variable; I guess by nature; changes. It catches you off guard leave you in wonderment of “what the feck happened there?”. I refer in this case to what happens to friends when they enter the realms of marriage, the grasp of which has some awesome powers of transformation. Today; I learned real quick that there be a void building where a close friend used to be.

I also learned today that it can take years for a message you have been trying to relay for years to hit home. It’s not misunderstood but required a moment of similar thought in both parties; and somewhat of a revelation. It’ss such a relief when you have a mutual understanding on such a point.

All of the above came about today after work; in conversation with a best friend; a conversation that was not needed; but because it happened brought about a few revelations:

Friends move on
You can love someone for life, and
Change in inevitable!