Brilliant at being bust?

For those who know me well enough, I have always been a guy with not only a lot of aspirations, dreams, entreprenrialship (is that how you spell it) … but the motivation and vision (and the cash ;-)) to make it all happen. You can’t been good at everything, you can’t know everything, and that’s where sharing comes in. You trade a piece of information for a piece a knowledge until you get where you want to be.

People have build very successful business on this working “model”, and probably rave about their approach.

However, (and yes there is always a slightly negative view to take. Why negative – well because to appreciate what is positive – you have to know what is negative!) I have to ask to these successful people – have you ever been part of something that didn’t work? Have you ever been through that learning process? Have you felt what it feels like when trying a achieve a dream you fail? Have you ever tried to explain what you were trying to do to those eho don’t care and survive on no vision?

I would be mightaly surprised if the anywhere near as many have been deemed successful have actually been through the slightly less prestigeous side of business.

My own experiences have taught me more then any course in the land, than anyone can convey, and more importantly just exactly what kind of person I am.

I have the best qualifications in the land.#
In a recent conversation with my solicitor, I was advised that it would be more realistic to expect most successful people to have gone through at least one liquidation! I stand corrected!