Blackberry Storm … alas sucks!

It was all new and shiny and so of course I wanted it, alas it is not all shiny, new and GOOD!

The Blackberry Storm looked good, alas having had it for some 3 months now; I have found myself at the back of my desk drawer looking for my trusty Curve. It has proper buttons and everything!! Now, I hate to be one that simply conveys a dislike without giving the reasons; so here we go: (oh, and this is my second device – Vodafone insisted I had a broken one!)

  • The screen is subject to delay; and of course then catches up to display the crap you’ve typed
  • There is a delay on the screen deciding what orientation it is going to use; which means the “buttons” move on the screen making it impossible to answer calls
  • The maximumn call time is 1 hour; it then hangs up – a right pisser when you are on conf calls abroad as you get charged again for the connection.
  • It locks – security wise – when typing.
  • During call; your fellow caller will all-of-a-sudden not be able to hear you (yes, supposedly fixed with a firmware upgrade, alas no -this did not fix!
  • A lot of the apps are not yet relased for Storm; those that are are not fit for touch screen – Morodo being a good example
  • My car “hands-free” connects calls very loudly – too loud to hold a converstion. My iPhones connects normallybefore we blame the Parrot device.

So, alas I will be throwing the Storm in my top drawer come upgrade time on my “other” phone account when I will order the new Curve to replace the Curve I have in my top drawer.

Shit, I could set up shop!