PMO > NSF ;-)

I started a new assignment this week and having been in large projects for some years, I welcomed the opportunity to be back in a technical role for a few months. I am going to be working with some guys I have known for years and its’ good to be talking technical rather than spreadsheets and slidepacks; plus I can brush up on some of the changes that have been going on while I have been project planning.

Still working in Messaging; but this time I am moving back to Lotus Notes and associated trimmings. Rolling on the Lotus Notes Client 8.5; I can see that Lotus finally employed the services of a graphic designer; it’s a lot prettier than the previous software. That said; we need stability as well people, but from what I know and can gather; this environment runs fairly slick and stable and so there are a new small projects to be working on too.

I have spent the last few hours checking out the usual Notes blogs to see what’s being said as well as reading up on release notes; a lot less stressful than my other project work of late and I look forward to some time to think.

I wrote this as much for my own pleasure as for reference for when that agency conversation: “why did you step away from Project Management” question is posed… 😉