4 years gone in 2 days!


This last weekend I spent in Glasgow. Something that I always look forward to; a beer with a pal, a pizza and a blether, a cuppa (or given the choice – a pint in my case) of tea and just some company are things I have a new found appreciation for having been away from Glasgow for a while.

Alas, this weekend was different and very sad. See, I have a plan and this plan is requiring a lot of preparation and is tough going. This plan is to buy “Castle Phipps”, and one of the immediate tasks to complete was to move from my beloved flat in Shawlands; rented as it was.

I didn’ think it would be so hard, but it was awful! A base I had had for so long, that had seen me through the best and worst parts of my life. a home that had been home; and that had staged the best parties. I took pride in having my friends round and having a bit of a blow out, rarely has anyone EVER returned the favour, but hey that makes my parties unique.

The flat has a very homely feel, surrounded by images of my friends the world over, and memories of leaving home for a while because I was working away; and of course coming home to space that as mine was just brilliant.

Having moved my gear out into storage, my brothers, my mums and bringing some stuff to London, I now am a degree nomadic and nomadic away from my Glasgow. It’s a feeling that I can’t explain, and it’s weird. I stayed at my brothers place and actually felt homeless; of course I’m not, but that’s as best as I can explain.

It was going to be the hardest on the path to my own place, but now that’s it’s done; I am sure I will get used to it; but a fond farewell I wish to bid. Being me, I also want to share it with my best of friends. So, to my friends who have shared the good and the great times; here is a few moments I will always remember – in no particular order!

Easter 2003 | Christmas Party 2005 | Fi’s Surprise Welcome Home party | Random shots taken after the Shed, Shawlands | Punch Party |