I have been lucky enough to have chosen a career that makes commerical sense. I say lucky because I actually fell into this choice through following what I had decided to do when I was but a spotty teenager who knew everything. So lucky me.  I say commercial sense, because I have skills that are in demand; and that means they will be paid for. If they are going to be paid for, one would be in a customer / supplier relationship where a mutal respect grows for what each in looking to get out of the transaction; where there is the appreciation that for the transaction to make commericial sense, there needs to be an input that result in an output. More often than not; a profit; and some motivation to remain in the commericial relationship that such interested parties would enter into in the first place; if you see what I mean.

I say all this because it is something that EVERYONE needs to grasp. It is not that more complex than understanding that one’s salary needs to last the entire month; and that if it doesn’t, then alternative funding may be required.

This may sounds like a rant off at a tanget, but it’t not so much the subject I want to  concentrate on; but the thinking. There are no “what’s if’s”‘ no “maybe’s”, and certainly no “kinda’s”; it’s all very literal; and more often than not spelled out in some long winded text and lingo that no one ever reads and which we as simple human are lambasted with by the corporate machines; explained by further mere human beings who are the same position as the person they speak to in comprehension terms; yet lucky enough to have a script to read from. Understanding will still escape them.

Reeling this story in, procrastination is expensive and inevitably followed by “I could of; I should have, or I would have …”. Carpe Diem is where it is at!

Granted, not eveything that we need to make decisions on can be actioned right away, but there is still options for decisive action; and lateral thought.

This year I started reading a book called “Blink“; that expains that everyone already does make instant decisons but have either formed a mis-trust for their instinct; or have always relied on others to make decisons for them.