1 Week!

1 week!

That’s how much notice I have been working on with for about 8 years, not including the time when I was self- employed, as then I had about 3 days notice, anyway that’s another story!

Why do mention it, well considering that I am contractually obligated to accept this should it be served by my agents client, I am also entitled to serve it should I wish to terminate. Having had to discuss such events these past few days, I was reminded just how much we are taken for an absolute fecking ride by the corporate machine.

Legal obligations aside, any personable offer to assist in commitments was washed over what must amass to a blinding “corporate tart” mentality.

Forget that fact that in this very case, I am 406 miles from home and am currently the only one sitting in the office, (granted I am writing this, but for the 3 mins that I took for lunch and the 30 mins allowed on my timesheet, I don’t think this counts as a misuse of company bandwidth) and I will be daft enough to VPN in later on and check al is running OK; who’s the mug I ask?

Suffice to say that the project is technically sound, with a fantastic solution designed by moi, and will end having done what it set out to do! The jobworths will then be left with the lethargic support apathy that stifles what could be a very well-oiled IT function!

Good luck boys n girls!